22 April 2024

Net Art For Tolerance

Starting on August 31st 2019 a small group of believers gathered to fulfil one big dream. A group containing people from Macedonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Romania, Italy and France came to Paphos, Cyprus for a project called “Net Art For Tolerance”. Their goal was to organise workshops and discussions on how to battle xenophobia with art. The end result was the creation of a website as well as a Tumblr profile meant to serve as a platform where people who felt the effects of xenophobia can go to find advice of people who have felt the same and also be a stadium where artists can share their work related to xenophobia, and the problems and the solutions of the everyday struggles that accompany it in their everyday life. The website is called Tolerart.com and it displays a variety of artforms such as painting, music, net art and more. This represents a work of art in itself as it is as colorful as a spring evening and speaks to all who are willing to listen. It should serve as an example of what young people can achieve when they get together with a common goal and focus.

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