22 April 2024

Erasmus + never stops.

Erasmus + never stops. Inspired by everyday problems with our society and our youth, another project is realised in Paphos, Cyprus. The main idea of this incredibly useful youth exchange is probably the most popular social issue nowadays – the xenophobia. This project took place in Paphos, from 31.08 till 09.09 where participants from six different countries (Cyprus, Macedonia, Latvia, Italy, France and Romania) were united with one main purpose – to help the world, for once and forever to beat the xenofobia in every society. 
Everyday, many activites were held in the Youth Center in Paphos, where all of the participants had the chance to express themselves in every possible way. With that freedom, they succeed into making art with strong messages. With words, paintings, pictures and songs they perfectly explained how terrible and useless the xenophobia is and how can we change that. And, for not keeping that a secret between them they managed to make a website and Tumbrl blog. You can easly find them by the name TolerArt and you can enjoy in all the beautiful things made in just 10 days.
Together we can beat any phobia, and by working hard and untied we can change the world for better.

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