“When one ape threw a word at the other ape instead of a rock, there and then the civilization began.”

Rocks were not the seeds from which civilization sprouted, but words were.”


A dark room scares us, a deep ocean scares us, we are afraid of the dark vastness of space, afraid of all the unknown and unexperienced things in life. But all our fears are not rooted from what we know is harmful, but from our lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge keeps us in a box living and thinking how others dictate us to. It is a great loss that led us to tone of the biggest problems of our society, that loss led us to xenophobia. Xenophobia by nature can only grow in dark deep empty places where peoples’ hearts and minds have not been filled with tolerance.

We want to use art as a beacon of illumination to battle the darkness in the room because darkness can only be routed by light. And what light can shine brighter than the one of art? Our lighthouse is *insert platform name* and we call all the stranded ships to join us in finding a dock. You are not alone and together we are able to withstand the harshest of storms. It is sadly still the case nowadays that many countries do not have the freedom of speech. Artist who are trying to speak up are prosecuted, harassed or even killed for the messages they are trying to convey. Our platform will provide a safe space for them to express themselves safely and freely and to draw attention of the general public to the matter. On our art space the artist from all over the world will be able to express the various manifestations of xenophobia in their countries. We believe that this platform is needed because it would represent a virtual frontier for the fight against xenophobia.


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