21 February 2024

Artists from Paphos have declared war on xenophobia

Artists from Paphos have declared war on xenophobia.

More than 40 artists from 6 different countries gathered in Paphos to announce their attitude towards xenophobia. It is especially curious that they had artists from the Cyprus to. In the best traditions of netArt, they chose an alias tolerART. Now any artist in the world can join by creating their art protest againt xenophobia and posting it anonymously on the international platform tolerART.com.

We would like to point out that there are still countries where the freedom of speech is banned and can lead to serious consequences, such as prosecution and arrest of the artist.
Project was created by the international volunteering center “Alternative Reality”, as a part of the ERASMUS PLUS programme.

At this stage, more and more artists from all around the world join the project. The creators are anticipating partnership more famous authors as well. At this moment, negotiations take place between the widely famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who has become an unspoken inspiration of the project when communicating with one of the authors of tolerART from France. TolerART team hopes that his direct involvement will attract thousands and thousands of artists to the problem of xenophobia.

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